Here is a selection of Testimonials from my happy Clients since 2015


Indian Head Massage with Essential Oils, Hot Stones and Reiki

Would like to say a big thank you to Marie for my trio of treatments yesterday. I had the Indian head massage with essential oils, hot stones and Reiki.

As someone who is quite highly strung, easily stressed and a bit neurotic 😂 I was quite skeptical about the treatments. However I can truly say Marie made me feel completely relaxed and at ease from the moment I arrived. The hot stones were absolutely amazing and almost transported my mind to a hot holiday. All three treatments complimented each other brilliantly. I had been suffering with stress headaches, and my head now feels completely defuzzed and my body a stone lighter (if only the scales shown that!) 

I would highly recommend Marie to any one wanting to relax and combat any ailments or just to pamper themselves. 

Thanks again xx


Advanced Precision Reflexology

Had my first Advanced Precision Reflexology experience today. I was prepared to give this a go but wondered if Marie's usual wonderful session could actually be improved upon. Well, I can recommend it 150%. It was amazing. It was truly the most relaxed I have felt for a very, very long time. I left and 'floated' back to my car, not wanting to do anything for fear of having to leave that wonderful feeling behind. I wholeheartedly recommend it as one of the best experiences I have ever had. Marie's talent and understanding is quite something!


Reflexology/Indian Head Massage/Hot Stone Massage/Tarot Reading

This month marks a whole year since I've been going to see Marie - and I think it's pretty safe to say when I first thought about how massage/reflexology and healing may help my situation, I was not in a good place at all! But fast forward 12 months and I'm feeling so much better - and a very large part of that is down to Marie !!

My treatment over the year has evolved into something that is working wonders for me - first trying reflexology, then Indian head massage and now hot stones and occasional bamboo too. I'd highly recommend it to anyone that can have it! This week I also asked Marie if she could conduct a Tarot reading for me to see if it would offer an insight into anything going on in my life at the moment. I have to say I was simply staggered by what Marie had to tell me - everything that came up in the reading related to ongoing situations and issues for me at the moment - it really helped me to make sense of some of the things that have been happening of late, which is reassuring as it has been a stressful couple of weeks.

Thank you, Marie! I'm really looking forward to my next treatment with you this week !


Sticks & Stone Massage

I've just had my first treatment with Marie today, and what an amazing experience it was! I've had many aches and pains since the birth of my son a few months ago - today, after seeing Marie, I already feel so much better and refreshed. We had a really great chat before my treatment, where I explained the areas that have been causing me problems- Marie tailored my treatment exactly to my needs. I opted for the hot stones massage- it was a delight! Marie also used the bamboo sticks too - what a combination ! Superb in so many ways. I can't wait for my next session next month!!

Thank you so much Marie



After my first pregnancy wasn't exactly smooth running. I dreaded this pregnancy progressing. 
Well here I am 31 weeks pregnant and I put 99% of my positive mental health, lack of pain and problems with my hips and keeping my restless legs at bay down to Marie. 
In fact my hips never corrected them selves after my first, and magically they have ceased to cause issues.

Even the hospital are perplexed after 4 years of trying to help, and drugging me up - Fingers crossed it stays that way. 
Honestly this lady is not just a hour of a massage or a foot rub. She is in tune with your well being, is aware of what your body is trying to tell you and we simply ignore. She has a wonderful way of guiding you with out being invasive. 
Such a wonderful person, and I honestly dread to think where I would be- not just with my body, but with my mind without you . 
I can not thank you enough Marie!


Indian Head Massage

A massive thank you to Marie Johnson for seeing me at late notice tonight. I just wish I'd had treatment from you years ago. I've had many massages but I've never experienced anything as wonderful or fallen asleep in a chair! The hot stones are amazing and I can't wait to experience your reflexology.

Amazing amazing amazing that's all I can say. Try it for yourselves;

you won't be disappointed 😀



I had my first reflexology session with Marie yesterday. Having turned up stressed out my mind with no idea what reflexology was just a hope it would help relax my tension and stress I can definitely say i wasn't disappointed. Marie has created a little atmospheric haven within which she performs what I can only describe as healing magic. I haven't felt his good in months. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you so much Marie.




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